Today, 23rd August 2023, marked the beginning of collaboration between Tharaka University and BasicNeedsBasicRights Kenya(BNBR) when the VC, TUN, Prof. Peter Muriungi and the Board Chair, BNBR, Mr. Allan Oginga appended their signatures on the MOU document.

The VC, DVC- ARSA and DOS TUN and project manager BNBR were also involved in the process. BNBR is concerned with working on the area of mental health and wellbeing in institutions of higher learning. 
Basic Needs Basic Rights is a registered NGO that intervenes in the field of mental disorders, with the main purpose of supporting people with mental disorders, those at risk, and their caregivers to live successfully in their communities. 
5 thoughts on “Tharaka University and BNBR agrees to collaborate in the mental health and wellbeing Model for University Staff and Students”
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