Board of Postgraduate Studies

Dr. David K. Kiptui PhD, – Ag. Director Board of Postgraduate Studies and Research

Welcome to the Board of Postgraduate Studies and Research (BPGS), Tharaka University College. The Board of Postgraduate Studies and Research is dedicated to offering excellent preparation for careers that require strong scientific knowledge, mastery of hands-on management and research techniques. The responsibility of the Board includes:

  • Harmonizing postgraduate syllabi and regulations
  • Admission of postgraduate students
  • The administration of post graduate scholarships and research grants
  • Overseeing proper conduct, supervision of postgraduate study programmes
  • Admission and processing of postgraduate examinations, research projects and thesis
  • The general welfare and discipline of postgraduate students

The Postgraduate Directorate liaises with various department and faculties to ensure that postgraduate students complete their theses and research projects within the stipulated time-frame.

Courses offered

The following courses are offered by the postgraduate studies

Masters programmes in various fields

PhD programmes in various fields

For more details check the websites of various departments


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