Board of Undergraduate Studies


Mr. John Kiplangat- Ag. Coordinator, Board of Undergraduate Studies and Field Attachment

The Board of Undergraduate studies and Field Attachment plays a key role in the coordination of all undergraduate programs i.e Degree and diploma programs.

Specifically the Board is mandated to:

  • Give recommendations to the Academic Board on the quality of undergraduate degree and diploma curricula.
  • Co-ordinate Award Schemes for academic excellence amongst undergraduate students and forward recommendations thereon to the Deans Committee.
  • Facilitating Field /Industrial Attachment and Coordination of Student Exchange Programs which prepares students for the jobs they are expected to perform on completion of their studies.
  • Coordinates Teaching Practice which is conducted for one school term after the students have completed the Methods of Teaching Courses i.e after three years of study for the undergraduate degree.

Field attachment is vital in making sure that the students are trained well enough to meet the changing trends in labour markets. Students go for attachments after three years of study for the respective Degree programs and after two years of study for Diploma programs.

The board arranges and coordinates the posting and supervision of students in all the academic programs that require Field Attachment through the respective Faculty/Departments from which the students come. Field attachment duration is a minimum of eight (8) weeks.