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The mandate of the office of career services is to promote education-industry linkages towards bridging the skill mismatch by creating employable and productive graduates and promoting entrepreneurship culture.

The main objective of the Office of Career Services at Tharaka University College is to give career information and education to prospective students (secondary students), University Students (Undergraduates and post graduates) and Post University (Graduate or Alumni, parents and school leavers) with the aim of helping them develop a career and get a job. The office offers students career counseling services in person and in groups.  The Directorate of OCS of Tharaka University College links graduates to the job market and enhance the value of graduates through skills and competencies development, Career advising, graduate tracking and networking and building linkages between industries and students. This is achieved through continuous recruitment and training of Career partners, career advisors and student Career ambassadors who will offer support in linking graduates to the job market and assisting students to acquire the relevant skills and competencies.

A Career Partners: is a company, institution or organization interested in partnering with Tharaka University College in advancing students’ skills, welfare, job and internship opportunities.

A Career Advisor/mentors: is an individual, lecturer, professional or alumni passionate about career advising; skilling, coaching and mentoring students/graduates of Tharaka University College in order to enhance their employability/entrepreneurship capacity and other skills related to the field. In this category we have Departmental Career Advisors (DCS) and Alumni. The work of career advisor is to give career education and guidance to students by developing knowledge, skills and attitudes which assist all students to make informed decisions about their study and/or work options and enables effective participation in their working.

A Student Career Ambassador: is a student of Tharaka University College who is passionate about mentoring other students/secondary school students and enhancing the marketability of Tharaka University College. They help mobilize the startup ideas and innovations from the other student’s fraternity and register them with office of career. They also help in marketing the activities of the OCS since it will be hard for the office of Career services to achieve its goal if it works in isolation. Student Career Ambassadors (SCA) cuts across all the departments within the university. Faculty representatives and director academic affairs from the student’s leadership are members of SCA.

Office of Career Service Committee- consist of all deans, director undergraduate and post graduate and director IT. It oversees the OCS activities before forwarding them to academic board.


An adaptive directorate of excellence in training, research, innovation and outreach to make big dreams an attainable reality for all-round and market ready graduate



Create an empowered, enterprising and employable graduate through skills and competencies development.


Career Services for the market ready graduate.

Core activities:

Career Counselling and Advising services,Train Departmental Career Advisors (DCA) and Student Career Ambassadors (SCA) in effective career and academic advising,Enhance Alumni involvement and Network,Promote high school career counselling and advising and recruitment, Organize Career Days and Events, Creating employment information Data base, Create and Encourage Entrepreneurial Incubation and innovations, Initiate and operationalize liaison relationships with various career partners, Coordinating training of short courses and soft skills.

Mrs. Maureen Ndagara Mwiti Ag. Coordinator, Office of Career Services
Kenneth mauki - Administator DOS