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It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to the Department of Computer science & ICT. At Computer Science & ICT Department, we are dedicated to quality teaching, learning, research, innovation and outreach for societal transformation. We have and will continue to play a key role in nation building by molding our student population through ICT. We commit to continue attracting quality staff and students who are able to compete at the highest level locally, regionally and globally. Thank you

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Courses Offered

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We offer courses in Computer Science and ICT as from all levelsĀ 

Short Courses

University Offers different short courses such as Computer Literacy, Cisco Courses, IBM, Huwaei and many more


University offers certificate in Computer Science and also in ICT. Minimum requirements: D plain or D Plus


University Offers Diploma in Computer Science and ICT and also ICT. minimum requirement: C minus/C plain/ Certificate Holder


University Offers Bachelors in Computer Science, Applied Computer Science and also ICT. minimum requirement: C Plus and above or Diploma Holder


Mr John Majira

COD Computer Science & ICT

Joseph Mutwuri

Senior ICT Technologist


Tutorial Fellow

Charlie Cooper

Graphics Designer

Elizabeth Sofia

Software Dev.

Harrison Hudson

WordPress Dev.

Lucy Evelyn

Ui/UX Designer