Dr. Karuri – COD, Education

Welcome to the Department Humanities and Social Sciences

 Our Department of Education is a vibrant contributor to Training, Teaching, Learning, Research, and Knowledge dissemination within Tharaka University College fraternity and beyond. We are the hub of progressive expertise in educational tenets. As a Department of Education we have made tremendous progress guided by the principles of integrity, continuous improvement of services and products, service to students, gender equity, and rational use of resources. Our   commitment to a competitive-edge academics, and incubation of young innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the current generation is our blueprint. We are offering several programmes   including Diploma in Education both Primary and secondary options, Bachelor of Education, Masters of Education and Doctor of Philosophy in education.

Our Vision

To be an adaptive Department of excellence in Teaching, Research, Innovation and Outreach for Sustainable Societal Transformation at Local and Global Perspectives 

Our Mission

To create a Strong Knowledge Tower of Education Freedom through Teaching, Research and Innovation for all-round graduates endowed with Problem Solving Skills in novel situations for Sustainable Societal Transformation

Our Philosophy

Department of humanties  ceaselessly do champion for through holistic training of students, generation, acquisition, dissemination and preservation of skills and knowledge   with an emphasis on competitive Teacher Education. The Department provides equal opportunities in enhancing Seeds of Greatness among student and staff in pursuit of bigger vision of Tharaka University College.

Our Core Functions

To enhance Teaching, Training, Research, Outreach, Student Supervision, Development of Instructional Resource Centre.

Our Core Values

The Department activities and decisions are reflected by the following core values entrenched on the higher calling of Tharaka University College. They include:

  1. Passion for Quality, Excellence and Devotion to Duty
  2. Integrity, Transparency and Accountability
  3. Social Fairness and Professionalism
  4. Team work, Innovativeness and Creativity
  5. Passion for Environmental Conservation

Our objectives

  1. To train Competent Honest Teachers and Educationists.
  2. To arouse and incubate critical attitude, innovativeness, creativity and passion for truth in a just society
  3. To cultivate and create a repository of competent lecturers who participate in University Activities and Graduate studies
  4. Improve completion rate of students
  5. Publish papers in peer reviewed National and International journals