Directorate of Examinations & Timetabling

Mr. Faustine Muchui Ndumpa Ag. Coordinator, Examinations & Timetabling

Message From Coordinator, Examinations & Timetabling

The Directorate Works closely with Deputy Principal (ARSA), Deans, Directors and Chairpersons of departments on monitoring of implementation of the curriculum. The department main objective is to prepare semester schedules for teaching, setting, processing, and administration of semester examinations with a lot of security and confidentiality for quality education. This enables the university college to produce competitive, creative and problem-solving graduates

Our Objectives

To set up structures for Open, Distance and e-Learning to deliver courses offered at the University College closer to the learners for global transformation.

To oversee online, hybrid and web-enhanced course development for societal transformation.

To provide professional development opportunities for Open, Distance and e-Learning for societal transformation.

To enhance continuous training of staff and students on new developments in Open, Distance and e-Learning for societal transformation.

The functions of the Directorate are:

  • Preparation of the academic calendar for the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the University College
  • Preparation of the teaching, consultation, and examinations timetables at the beginning of each semester for all degree, diploma and certificate programmes.
  • Ensure that both teaching and examination timetables are followed as scheduled.
  • Co-ordination of academic field trips during the semester.
  • Arrange use of various lecture halls for academic and non-academic purposes.
  • Maintenance of lecture halls, theatres, workshops and laboratories in collaboration with other relevant departments.
  • Processing of all the University College examinations.
  • Co-ordinating examinations and providing necessary logistics and materials.
  • Ensuring that standards and procedures of examinations are maintained