Directorate of Open, Distance and eLearning

Kevin Tuei - Coordinator, Open, Distance and eLearning

Welcome to the Directorate of Open, Distance and eLearning simply known as ODeL. The mandate and the rationale for establishing the Directorate of Open, Distance and e-Learning at Tharaka University College are clearly spelt out in the University College vision, mission and policies. It is this mandate that guides the operations of the Directorate of Open, Distance and e-Learning. The Directorate is expected to guide the University College as it endeavors to achieve academic excellence and research that contribute to global transformation. 

ODeL Vision

To be a holistic and adaptive directorate of excellence in quality teaching, research, innovation and outreach for global transformation.

ODeL Mission

 To create a strong knowledge base through effective and quality online teaching, training, research and innovation and to store and disseminate this knowledge to produce all rounded graduates with problem solving skills for positive global transformation

ODeL Objectives

To set up structures for Open, Distance and e-Learning to deliver courses offered at the University College closer to the learners for global transformation.

To oversee online, hybrid and web-enhanced course development for societal transformation.

To provide professional development opportunities for Open, Distance and e-Learning for societal transformation.

To enhance continuous training of staff and students on new developments in Open, Distance and e-Learning for societal transformation.

 ODeL Strategies

(1) Analysis Strategies:  Needs Analysis, Target Audience (Learner) Analysis, Course Analysis

(2)  Design Strategies: Learning Objectives, Sequencing, Instructional, Delivery and Evaluation Strategy

(3) Development Strategies: Content Development, Storyboarding and Courseware Development

(4)  Implementation Strategies: Installation/Distribution, Onboarding, Training and Management of Learner Activities

(5) Evaluation Strategies: Course Feedback, Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation, Outcomes measurement.

These strategies work towards the institution’s national developmental agenda of fostering excellence in innovation, research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge for the purpose of transforming the society.

With regard to the National Development Agenda, the ODeL strategy works towards the achievement of the Big 4 Agenda in enhancing Manufacturing, Food Security and Nutrition by facilitating programmes in Mineralogy and Dryland Farming.