Directorate of quality assurance

Mr.Alex Mutegi Rwanda- Ag. Coordinator Quality Assurance

Message From Coordinator Quality Assurance

The directorate of quality assurance is a body in Tharaka University College which ensures that
academic standards as stipulated in the Commission for University Education (CUE) Guidelines
and Regulations for the provision of quality education are observed and implemented in order to
meet the international standards for higher learning. This directorate monitors the teaching,
research and training offered to its students in order to equip them with the required skills and
place them at a better position to compete with others in the job market.As a way of ensuring that
teaching effectiveness of lecturers is monitored, the directorate analyses the evaluation results as
done by the students and present the feedback to the concerned party for improvement. This in
turn makes our programmes competitive and attractive.

Core mandate

The mandate of this directorate is to establish, maintain and improve education standards in the
university college by
 Coordinating evaluation of teaching effectiveness of the lecturers
 Preparing a summary report on analysis of students evaluation of teaching effectiveness
and giving feedback to the concerned parties
 Coordinating analysis of external examiner reports and providing feed back to the
departments and Faculties.
 Ensuring overall implementation of commission for University Education Guidelines
and Regulations.
 Ensuring that the ISO 9001:2015 procedures and processes are implemented in the
department and the entire University College.
 Performing any other functions as may be specified in the Tharaka University College
 Any other duties as may be assigned by the Principal.


(1) Analysis Strategies:  Needs Analysis, Target Audience (Learner) Analysis, Course Analysis

(2)  Design Strategies: Learning Objectives, Sequencing, Instructional, Delivery and Evaluation Strategy

(3) Development Strategies: Content Development, Storyboarding and Courseware Development

(4)  Implementation Strategies: Installation/Distribution, Onboarding, Training and Management of Learner Activities

(5) Evaluation Strategies: Course Feedback, Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation, Outcomes measurement.

These strategies work towards the institution’s national developmental agenda of fostering excellence in innovation, research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge for the purpose of transforming the society.

With regard to the National Development Agenda, the ODeL strategy works towards the achievement of the Big 4 Agenda in enhancing Manufacturing, Food Security and Nutrition by facilitating programmes in Mineralogy and Dryland Farming.