Faculty of Business

Mr. Justo Simiyu,

Ag. Dean, Faculty of Business Studies

Message From Dean Faculty of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology

The Faculty of Business Studies endeavours to develop competent and morally upright business managers to manage the increasingly globalized business and economic environment. Our faculty vision, which is in line with Tharaka University college vision, is to be a world class Centre of excellence in provision of quality teaching, research, and outreach services in the areas of Business and Economics for effective management of Businesses and Economies. We strife to achieve the world class standards in higher education through offering highly quality market driven academic programmes at certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We also host a KASNEB Centre to enable our students undertake their professional courses alongside their diploma or degree programmes with a lot of ease.


The faculty has one department (Department of Business Administration) that has a team of highly specialized and competent lecturers that not only provide lectures to our students but also offers them academic advisory services. Our well-trained graduates are equipped with entrepreneurship knowledge and skills to enable them participate actively in achieving the economic pillar of vision 2030. We offer equal opportunities to both staff and students irrespective of their various backgrounds.


(1) Analysis Strategies:  Needs Analysis, Target Audience (Learner) Analysis, Course Analysis

(2)  Design Strategies: Learning Objectives, Sequencing, Instructional, Delivery and Evaluation Strategy

(3) Development Strategies: Content Development, Storyboarding and Courseware Development

(4)  Implementation Strategies: Installation/Distribution, Onboarding, Training and Management of Learner Activities

(5) Evaluation Strategies: Course Feedback, Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation, Outcomes measurement.

These strategies work towards the institution’s national developmental agenda of fostering excellence in innovation, research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge for the purpose of transforming the society.

With regard to the National Development Agenda, the ODeL strategy works towards the achievement of the Big 4 Agenda in enhancing Manufacturing, Food Security and Nutrition by facilitating programmes in Mineralogy and Dryland Farming.