Faculty of Business

Mr. Justo Simiyu – Dean, Faculty of Business

Message from Dean Faculty of Business Studies

The Faculty of Business Studies is one of the largest and vibrant faculty in Tharaka University College. The Faculty currently has one Department (Department of Business).  Our vision is to be a world class Centre of excellence in provision of quality teaching, research, innovation and outreach services in the areas of Business and Economics for effective management of Businesses and Economies. We strife to achieve the world class standards in higher education through offering quality market driven programmes from certificate level to Doctorate level. This has enabled us to provide access to quality education to many people, including those who may not have attained a direct entry to the university degree programmes. Our programmes have the component of research that equip students with appropriate skills to conduct quality research that aims at solving societal problems. Our curricula also provide for industrial attachment and field visits that enable our students to integrate theory with practice on job. All our programmes are approved by the Commission for University Education (CUE).

We have a team of highly qualified, skilled and competent lecturers in the faculty, who are properly aligned in their areas of specialization for effective teaching of our students. Our lecturers provide consultation time for students and offer them academic advisory services apart from teaching. The faculty will continue attracting additional qualified staff as the number of students and areas of specialization increase.

We provide a variety of modes of study for our students. These include: Regular mode, weekend-based mode, evening mode and soon we will launch Open and Distance Learning (ODEL) mode. These modes provide flexibility that allows our learners who have different personal engagements to pursue their studies with ease. Currently we conduct all our teaching through face to face teaching mode which offers effective interaction environment between our students and lecturers, leading to producing quality graduates.

We continue partnering with other institutions and benchmarking our programmes to ensure our graduates have a competitive edge in the job market. We are in the process of establishing a KASNEB examination Centre in our university college, which will make it easy for our students to do their professional examinations within the University as they pursue their studies at the University. We believe that we are on the course of contributing to our three pillars of vision 2030 by training and producing graduates who will manage our economy to fully attain the middle class status and also provide sound leadership in our country. We train our students to be entrepreneurial so that they can create jobs for themselves and for others in order to solve the problem of unemployment and improve the livelihood of our people.

We offer the following programmes in the Faculty:

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
  2. Master of Business Administration (with 9 areas of specialization)
  • Master of Science in Procurement and Logistics Management
  1. Master of Science in Economics
  2. Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management
  3. Master of Science in Operations Management
  4. Master of Science in Human Resource Management
  5. Bachelor of Commerce:- With the following options ( Accounting, Banking and finance, Insurance and Risk Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Management Science, Cooperative Management , Procurement and Logistics Management, and Entrepreneurship)
  6. Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management
  7. Bachelor of Cooperative Management
  8. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management
  9. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics
  10. Diploma in Business Management
  11. Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management
  12. Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management
  • Certificate in Business Management
  • Certificate in Procurement and Logistics Management
  1. Certificate in Marketing
  • KASNEB courses
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