Faculty of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Dr. Fidelis Ngugi Ag. Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Message From Dean Faculty of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology

The mission of the faculty is to generate, transmit and preserve high quality knowledge by promoting independent and interactive learning, a scientific inquiry culture and striving for diverse national and global development in pure and applied research in sciences and technology, while seeking to integrate these various perspectives. This is in line with the University’s vision plan and mission.

The objectives of the faculty are; to promote high quality services and training in science and technology to our students; to coordinate teaching and learning activities in various departments in the faculty; to facilitate research and innovation in science and technology for social and economic development; to improve governance, leadership and management of faculty affairs; to attract and train highly motivated staff in science disciplines; and to enhance awareness of the biology of HIV/AIDs among faculty staff and students.

The faculty currently has two departments of Basic Sciences and Computer Science & ICT. Student as well as teaching and non-teaching staff populations have also increased. A new computer lab with state-of-the-art computers has been put in place. Expansion of laboratories for training in physical and biological sciences is also ongoing. Plans are underway to establish Health Sciences and Engineering Faculties to expand educational opportunities in these areas.

science and technology whose sustainability requires sound environmental management practices. The faculty has set itself on a roadmap to grow into a world leading Faculty of Life Sciences and Natural Resources Management.

We have animal and crop demonstration units, that offer practical skills to ensure our graduates are competitive in the market. Our students also get more practical exposure through field trips and field attachment. Apart from professional training in the relevant programs there are entrepreneurial courses for preparing our students for self-employment. The faculty offers a conducive work environment that is student-centred and interactive. Students will find more opportunities in the faculty in developing their career for employment.

The faculty has one Department of Dryland Farming and Natural Resources that focuses in dry land animal, horticultural and crop farming, agro-forestry, environmental management, hospitality, wildlife enterprise & eco-tourism.


1. To expand competitive programs via surveys, meetings and workshops for the curricula.
2. To increase enrollment of students yearly by reviewing, advertising and applicable
3. To capture and maintain efficient student records in data files and ERP system, before
second month of semester.
4. To ensure postgraduate students participate in Annual Research Conferences after
Internal Research Funding and research agency links.
5. To process results within one month after receiving internally moderated results from
Department of Basic and Computer Sciences.



(1) Analysis Strategies:  Needs Analysis, Target Audience (Learner) Analysis, Course Analysis

(2)  Design Strategies: Learning Objectives, Sequencing, Instructional, Delivery and Evaluation Strategy

(3) Development Strategies: Content Development, Storyboarding and Courseware Development

(4)  Implementation Strategies: Installation/Distribution, Onboarding, Training and Management of Learner Activities

(5) Evaluation Strategies: Course Feedback, Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation, Outcomes measurement.

These strategies work towards the institution’s national developmental agenda of fostering excellence in innovation, research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge for the purpose of transforming the society.

With regard to the National Development Agenda, the ODeL strategy works towards the achievement of the Big 4 Agenda in enhancing Manufacturing, Food Security and Nutrition by facilitating programmes in Mineralogy and Dryland Farming.