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Campus Life

Welcome to Tharaka Univeristy Campus Life

Game Lovers

We welcome you to join Tharaka Falcons for the sport of your choice both indoor and outdoor across various Teams for both men and women.


The work study programme is designed to assist financially needy students to enable them meet their basic educational needs and expenses


There is a variety of recreational activities offered in Tharaka University.

Health & Wellness

The university clinic is open Monday to Fridays 8am – 5 pm. Only emergency cases are handled at night or on weekends


The Security Department is charged with the responsibility of providing security services to the University


The University College hostels cater for both female and male students

Student Love


You know we didn't all choose terrible lives even though they say we make our own paths, sometimes people walk on our plans and change the trail, sometimes we get stuck and bushes grow on our next step, sometimes we need lanterns to see through the dark and we get lost without them, we carry too much weight and sometimes we fall because our hearts get tired and they break apart, sometimes we stay where we are because the last time we tried moving on, we felt too much pain. TUC has given us the chance to turn around stone and a lim light to life

Marine_Mordecai TUC poet award winner

When you leave your familiar and comfortable surroundings and journey into new cultures, you may experience anxiety emotional discomfort when the two sets of realities and conceptualization meet. But Tharaka University welcomed me and I feel at home doing my daily chores. Platform’s are not limited, experience is day after day. Tharaka University is a home of champions that sponsors dreams.

Kimsy Mugweru TUC IT

The place has turned my dream into reality by providing quality skills in ICT

Esther Kioko Computer Science Student