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Turkana University College Bench mark's with TUC

On 14th Feb. 2022, Tharaka University College was privileged to receive valentines friends and colleagues from Turkana University College. The group was led by the Deputy Principal – Prof.George Muthaa, Procurement Manager –Mr. Paul Ekiru, Registrar Administration – Dr.Henry Ongori, Engineer –Mr.Machoka Dennis and Finance Manager-C.P.A Jared Okello. The group visited the institution to check on projects and progress of the institution since they both opened almost at the same time in 2017. “Despite the fact that we are six months older than you, I can see that you are far much ahead of us, actually miles away in terms of ongoing projects,facilities, buildings and the environment in general. We are very  impressed by the conditions and the progress of the institution. We also hope of being at your level and also surpassing it, in a few years time. He appreciated the administration for providing facilities to students and taking the school to such a  level in such a short period. The group had this to say as an advise to the University students; “You people come from far, diversely from the country– your place here is so quite, not hotter than Turkana. A  serene, cool and lovely environment conducive for learning.Make good use of the resources available to better Tharaka university and the community at large.


On Friday 11th February 2022, Tharaka University College added to the list of public universities in Kenya to introduce the Ajira digital initiative, a government’s programme under the Ministry of ICT, Innovation and Youth Affairs set to suppress youth unemployment in the country through working and earning online. Through the office of Career services Tharaka University College, conducted a clinic career day  to students to encourage them to implement the initiative to ensure self-employment.

Speaking during the induction Mr Onesmus Mworia an Ajira digital coordinator reminded the students that the future now lives online and it was the early time everyone embraced it.He also advised the institution to set up the Ajira digital club to make it easier for the government to provide training and mentorship efficiently. “Let us embrace technology. Let us make a living using our laptops and mobile phones. There are no ready jobs for us all. Let’s create our own employments. Through the Ajira digital Clubs initiative they will focus on creating an environment for work generation and skills development to meet the demand and supply side on job creation. Some of  the opportunities in Ajira digital include data entry and management, virtual assistants, transcription, digital marketing and ecommerce, writing and translation, proof reading research, blogs, web content and copywriting among others, ’he said

As part of job creation and employment search the university also had a soft skills training for the students and the staff. They were taken through proper Curriculum Vitae(CV),Cover letters writing process and interview preparation. Addressing during the training Mr Justin Njoroge Kagweru discouraged both the students and staff against downloading documents online and presenting the to the employers. ’Stand out. Be creative and original. Mark your strengths and weaknesses. Do not download documents online or use someone else documents. Create your own and always update them to fit the job applying for, ’he said.