Office of Career Services

Mrs. Maureen Mwiti, Coordinator –  Office of Career Services

Welcome to the Office of Career Services. Education for general knowledge and training in specific skills are critical elements for the overall human capacity; which is one of the greatest assets a country needs for economic growth and prosperity. In recent past, Kenya has carried out a wide range reforms with a view to improving service delivery in the education and training sector. However, challenges persist that need to be addressed. Majority of the Kenyans who graduate from the universities and tertiary institutions remain idle without useful engagement for too long. This has led to questions on the quality and relevance of skills acquired towards preparedness for productive engagement and wealth creation for better livelihoods.

With this in mind the Office of Career services was established in all universities and tertiary institutions that will look to empower the students to make right career choices. Career services and skills development is an important part of an institution’s overall academic program. OCS has a critical role to play in a student’s career education. Tharaka University College has made it a priority to provide adequate levels of support for the career services office. It is critical that the OCS partner with an array organizations and especially those that understand the complexities of the jobs market as well as life after graduation. The office emphasis on skill development and training to prepare students for the ever competitive labor market by keeping up with the current labor market demands like student accessibility needs, changes in technology and social media.

Today, almost all graduates share similar goals; either to continue their learning to higher levels or to secure employment and start earning a living. However, they had have missing this because of lack of experience, adequate skills or even knowledge on how to properly wade through their employment sector or career mission. Lack of these qualities have made many graduates to fear to venture into entrepreneurship to curb the high right of unemployment in the country.

The Office of Career is mandated to linking graduates to the job market and enhancing the value of graduates through skills and competencies development. This can be achieved through continuous recruitment of Career partners, career advisors and student Career Ambassadors who will offer support in linking graduates to the job market and assisting students to acquire the relevant skills and competencies for the job market.


  1. Academic advising
  2. Career services
  3. Counseling services
  4. Graduate track services
  5. Linkages between industries and students
  6. High school recruitment
  7. Intra- institutional exchanges
  8. Apprenticeship
  9. Establishing an Alumni network
  10. Create an entrepreneur incubator


  • Skills Development Programs such as Ajira Digital Training
  • Linking students to the industry for jobs, internships and Industrial Visits
  • Career Guidance and Counselling
  • Career Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Career Testing and Assessment
  • High school Career Talks
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Alumni engagement, networking and outreach


 A student career ambassador is a student of Tharaka University College who is passionate about mentoring high school students and creating awareness to others about the university. Student ambassadors act as representatives for the office of Career service among students and as a lesson to student organizations and assist in the development and implementation of specific projects. Student ambassadors create a sense of belonging and develop a sense of connection.



A Career Advisor is an individual, professional or alumni passionate about skilling, training and mentoring students and/or graduates of Tharaka University College.



A Career Partner is an organization, company or institution interested in partnering with Tharaka University College in advancing students’ skills, welfare, jobs and internship opportunities.