Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic, Research & Student Affairs)

Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic, Research & Student Affairs)

Prof. Veronica Nyaga, Ph.D.

I warmly welcome you to Tharaka University. Congratulations on your admission to this preferred University where our Motto is,” Education for Freedom.” The aim of the University is to provide holistic education for the students in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility. You are joining the University education with talents and potentials. Our hope as Tharaka University family is that the intellectual journey which you are embarking on will be marked by freedom of inquiry and interminable search for the truth. Our faculties and staff are dedicated professionals who excel in connecting with students and provide quality education experiences. They will help you to succeed.

As the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academics, Research and Student Affairs (ARSA), l am energized and prepared for what we have to offer and the many opportunities that await us in training our students. You should be prepared to leave the university academic setting as competent professionals and great leaders in public service.