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Marine_Mordecai TUC poet award winner

You know we didn't all choose terrible lives even though they say we make our own paths, sometimes people walk on our plans and change the trail, sometimes we get stuck and bushes grow on our next step, sometimes we need lanterns to see through the dark and we get lost without them, we carry too much weight and sometimes we fall because our hearts get tired and they break apart, sometimes we stay where we are because the last time we tried moving on, we felt too much pain. TUC has given us the chance to turn around stone and a lim light to life

Kimsy Mugweru TUC Media Student

When you leave your familiar and comfortable surroundings and journey into new cultures, you may experience anxiety emotional discomfort when the two sets of realities and conceptualization meet. But Tharaka University welcomed me and I feel at home doing my daily chores. Platform’s are not limited, experience is day after day. Tharaka University is a home of champions that sponsors dreams.

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    A Divine University

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    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Tharaka University College. We endeavor to create a strong knowledge base through teaching, research and innovation and disseminate this knowledge to produce all rounded graduates with problem solving skills for the transformation of society.

    History of Tharaka University

    Tharaka University college was established as a Campus in September 2015 and later elevated to a constituent university college of Chuka University in February 2017.

    May 5

    Student Reporting

    All Y1S1 May 2022 intake in all our Programs and all Diploma and Certficate Y1S2 – Y2S1      
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    1. Decide the programme that you want to undertake and ensure you meet the programme qualifications stated in "Our Programmes" section. 
    2. Click on "Apply" at the top of this web page or at the bottom of this section"
    3. Fill in the required information in each step of the application
    4. Finish the application process and submit your application.
    5. Once your application is submitted successfully, you will receive an email from us indicating your application ID.
    6. Pay the indicated application fee depending on the programme (find payment details below)
    7. To keep track of your application status, login with the Application ID and Password sent to your email.
    Documents Required for Application & Registration

    To apply or register for a programme, you are required to attach the following documents:

    1. Passport photo - a clear passport sized photo is required
    2. Scanned National ID - Applys to only Kenyan applicants who are above 18 years of age.
    3. Scanned Passport - applys to Non-Kenyan applicants
    4. Academic certificates - at least 2 academic certificates are required. Example KCPE & KCSE certificates.

    From registration and accessing your email, to online learning and the latest software, as well as University Wifi and  links to the IT support offered by your college and department.

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