Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Finance and Planning)

Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Finance and Planning)

Prof. Levi Musalia Ph.D Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Finance and Planning)

We are pleased to welcome you to this new world of academia at Tharaka University. You are the people that our country Kenya and indeed the whole world has hope in driving the national and global development agenda.  Our task is to make it possible to provide practical, step by step assistance to affordable education as we evolve to be a centre of excellence in academics, research and innovation. We also take keen interest in the welfare of students to enable them express their full academic potential. We need you as much as you need us and this is why we are so happy to have you join us here at Tharaka University.

The Division of Administration, Finance and Planning offers support services for effective management of core academic, research and community outreach activities of the University. It is charged with the management of the finance, personnel, estates, hospitality, health, transport, development and assets of the University.

The Division provides standardized services to our customers to achieve the mission and objectives of the university. Our ultimate goal is to create and maintain a conducive work environment for optimal output. The following departments fall under this Division; Human resource, Procurement, Finance, Medical, Estates and Transport.