Directorate of Performance Contracting

Message from the Director

Ms. Wendy Micheni - Directorate of Performance Contracting

The Directorate of Performance Contracting is mandated with the responsibility of overseeing the commitment of the University Council to the government; and ensures that this commitment is honoured by setting comprehensive targets and ensuring their attainment. Therefore, the directorate is mandated to monitor the coordination, implementation and reporting of the University Performance Contract progress

DPC Mission

Our mission as the Directorate of Performance Contracting is to advocate a culture of excellence in every facet of the University College so as to ensure timeliness, accountability and efficiency in service delivery towards attainment of the University grand vision.

Mandate And Functions

Mandate and functions: Coordinating the preparation, negotiation, vetting, signing and evaluation of the University College performance contracts; Reviewing and monitoring the implementation of the performance contract targets and work plans; Coordinating the functioning of all the Committees of Performance Contracting; Coordinating the preparation of the University College performance contract quarterly and annual reports; Acting as a Liaison Office between the University College and the Government on matters related to performance contracting; Making appropriate recommendations to the Management on issues related to performance contracting.