Dean of Students

Dean of Students' Office

Message from the Dean

Dr. Shadrack Munanu - Dean of Students

It is our great joy to welcome you in Tharaka University. The Student Welfare Department endeavours to provide students with the necessary needed environment for your educational, career and holistic development. The core activities of the department begin with the Orientation of first year students. Orientation is an indispensable programme for all students joining the university. You receive clear information about academic resources, class registration, and campus resources among others. Orientation introduces you with information to your respective faculties, departments and academic programmes, and student welfare support services. Students are also provided with policies and procedures, friendly rules and regulations adhered to in Tharaka University. NB: Students are issued with the students’ Handbook (during orientation week) that contains all the necessary information relating to the student and the University Other core activities of Student Welfare Department include: Coordination of Games and Sports, Provision of Counseling services, Coordination of Students governance mechanisms/TUSA elections and activities, Administration of work study programmes (for very needy students), Coordination of Clubs, Movements, Societies and Associations, Coordination of recreational events and handling all matters relating to students’ welfare. While the main enterprise at the University is academic, learning and teaching, University students are also undergoing other significant and critical developmental and growth processes. This necessitates a University environment that fosters and enhances all these processes. Academics should not be pursued in isolation. We therefore aim at developing the “whole” student where all students with unique qualities