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Message from the Director of Research Extension and Publications

The Directorate is a statutory body of the University and was established in 2015 within the Division of Academic, Research and Student Affairs. The Directorate is mandated to coordinate the research, extension and publication activities in the University.


The academic staff at Tharaka University are engaged in various multidisciplinary and collaborative research projects in several thematic areas such as; Organic and Green Chemistry, Medicinal and Natural Product Chemistry, Ecology and Environmental Conservation, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Business and Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, Sustainable Agriculture & Dryland Farming, Water Conservation, Climate Change, Mining & Mineral Processing, Value addition and Seed Breeding. This has enabled the members of staff to publish in high impact journals such as Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Journal of Mathematics etc. The members of staff are also actively involved in writing fundable research proposals aimed at attracting more funds to the university and solving the societal problems. 

Dr. Alex Muthengi, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer of Chemistry Director of Research, Extension & Publication

Current Research Projects

Project 1: Enhanced climate change adaptation for improved agricultural production for farmers in Tharaka North and South.

  1. This research project is carried out by Tharaka University in collaboration with International Aid Services of Kenya (IAS). The project aims at empowering the communities of Tharaka to adopt to adaptive practices and enable IAS Kenya to establish a long-term partnership with the government and other stakeholders on Climate Change Adaption. This project not only aims to increase the self-sufficiency and food security of farmers, but also serves as a piloting and capacity-building exercise for IAS Kenya and its partners to play a vital role in future climate change adaptation efforts. In addition, the project supports IAS Kenya’s plans to further consolidate its activities in Tharaka.
funded project by IAS K

Project 2: Development of Phlebotomite Sandflies Repellent Product(s) for Control of Visceral Leishmaniasis (Kala-azar

  1. This research project aims at developing an effective green, non-hazardous, non-toxic, and environmentally safe female phlebotomite sandflies repellent products inform of sprays, candles and lotion for use during indoors and outdoor activities. This project is funded by Tharaka University Internal Research Fund (IRF).



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