Tharaka University signs MOU with KilimoTrust Kenya

Tharaka University (TUN) marks a memorable milestone in its growth and progress as a Centre of Excellence in teaching, research innovation, and outreach after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Tharaka University and Kilimo Trust. The occasion was presided over by Prof. Peter K. Muriungi, Ph.D., Vice-Chancelor/CEO of Tharaka University, and Dr. Birungi Korutaro, Ph.D., Regional Director of Kilimo Trust whose Africa Office is headquartered in Kampala, Uganda

Prof. P.K Muriungi, the Vice-Chancellor of Tharaka University and Dr. Mbilungi, the Regional Director of Kilimo Trust

The MoU shall open new avenues for multidisciplinary research and ICT-driven processes geared towards creating opportunities that engage the Youth and Women in innovative Agri-businesses beyond incomes. These research-backed processes shall result in enhanced community livelihoods, securities, and the ability to contribute to sustainable Economic Development, Infrastructural discoveries, and novelty in Water conservation and management.

The MOU is underpinned by TUN’s niche in societal transformation through dryland agriculture and mining. The collaboration spearheaded by the Faculty of Life Sciences and Natural Resources (FLIN) shall promote:

The establishment of a Centre of Excellence in Dryland Farming Techniques and Water Conservation Research and Management. This includes value addition in seed banks and packaging, and improved grain products like green-gram, millet, sorghum, and other varieties grown in Arid and Semi-arid lands (ASALs) of Kenya and the East Africa region. It shall promote modern methods of handling and packaging horny, milk, and other livestock products.

Capacity Building engagement with diverse stakeholders in skills training and from tailored short courses, Certificates, and Diplomas since Tharaka University is an accredited training institution.

Initiatives that enable the community to enhance their knowledge and experience in areas of interest based on the outcomes of needs and visibility studies will be the frontier to the data-driven outcomes of this partnership.

We humbly thank Kilimo Trust and all key stakeholders as we look forward to mutually beneficial collaboration to achieve the strategic goals of both organizations.