In a heartwarming exchange of knowledge and passion, students from Tharaka university Kenya, received an unexpected gift this Valentine’s season. Thanks to the generosity of the International Aid  Services (AIS) organization, based in Kenya and Denmark, sixteen students from Capital’s Christian high school in Denmark who visited to explore solutions on how to engage local communities and equip them with climate resilience methods in an effort to combat effects of climate  change.

The visit was not just a cultural exchange but signified international partnership for a sustainable  future, this came with a promise of support for master’s students interested in courses related to climate change. “We are working with the university to give partial scholarship for students taking Masters and PHD to do a Thesis on climate change related topics”, Absalom Edewa,AIS official in Tharaka Nithi county said.

During their stay, the Danish students actively participated in tree planting initiatives. They recognized the importance of reforestation in combating climate change and were eager to contribute to the local efforts. Witnessing the school farm and dryland agriculture techniques in action left them fascinated, igniting discussions on innovative agricultural practices resilient to climate change effects. IS organization emphasized the need to involve the local communities to help fight effects of climate change. “we empower communities to live dignified lives through climate resilience activities such as smart agriculture”, Absalom Edewa

This Valentine’s, the spirit of love transcended borders, as students from Denmark and Tharaka came together to sow the seeds of change. Through their shared passion for the environment and commitment to finding solutions, they exemplified the true meaning of global solidarity. As we celebrate love in its various forms, let us also celebrate the love for our planet and the collective efforts to protect it for generations to come.

Story by; Hilda Jerop

The exchange was not one-sided; it was a mutual learning experience. While the Danish students brought their expertise and fresh perspectives, the students from Tharaka shared invaluable insights into local challenges and traditional adaptation methods. Through this exchange, both groups expanded their understanding of climate change and the diverse approaches to address it.

As the students bid farewell, the seeds of collaboration and friendship planted during their visit continue to grow. The promise of sponsorship for master’s students signals a long-term commitment to tackling climate change together. With initiatives like these, hope blooms for a more sustainable and resilient future, where borders blur, and hearts unite in the fight against climate change.