Coach Douglas Jr. (senior coach).

The Desert Cobras Taekwondo of Tharaka University provides quality training for athletes to unfold their maximum potential in the field of sports. In consonance, as a Taekwondo coach, and the pioneer of the
club, I created a training program that aims to meet the standards of being a competent athlete in Taekwondo. The primary objective of this training program is to develop the technical skills of all Taekwondo players. Also, it aims to encourage athletes to have an active participation in fun and healthy
physical activities according to their ability.
The training routine starts with the warm-up exercise, followed by the following activities such as; Stretching(Hamstring stretch, calf stretch, Inner thigh stretch, Quads stretch, Groin stretch) Jumping jacks, High knee, Bullet, Jogging, Kicking, and Cooldown. Practice game or exhibition is really important for developing their skills. As the saying goes,” Practice is the mother of perfection.” and “Experience is
the best teacher.” The Desert Cobras Taekwondo, are two times Runner’s in CEKUSA and last year’s KUSA games Runner’s up (2 nd position) in Taekwondo games held at KEMU UNIVERSITY.
We look forward to making it to East Africa in the next season for we believe in ourselves as far as all taekwondo Aspects are concerned