Health Services

Welcome to the University Health Services

Message from the Incharge

Tharaka University has a comprehensive health unit that operates on a 24 hour basis including the weekends and public holidays. The department is a service unit whose mission is to maintain a healthy environment through offering curative, promotive, preventive and rehabilitative health services to staff and students. The facility is manned by qualified staff in the areas of clinical, nursing, public health, pharmaceutical, medical records, and other specialized services. Services available to students include consultation, basic laboratory investigation, dispensing of drugs, and counselling services. In case of persistent problems or complications the patient is referred to the district or provincial general hospitals.

Lydia Mugao In-charge, Health Unit

One can be referred to a private hospital on request by the parent or the guardian. The money paid by the student does not cover the cost of CT scan, echocardiography, ECG, EEG, dental extraction and teeth filling, purchase of spectacles, hearing kits and hospital admission. Students are advised to seek treatment between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm on weekdays. Only emergency cases are handled at night or on weekends. All bills incurred during referral treatment and investigations are taken care of by the individual, patient/family. Students with Special Needs A disability is any impairment that substantially limits an individual in a major life activity. Staff and volunteers work with students who have physical challenges. Students faced with unexpected illness and injuries are encouraged to immediately report to the Medical Department and thereafter to the Dean of Students’ office.